Open Dream

Open Experience was born within Opendream, an urban regeneration project underway since 2016 inspired by the keywords Innovation, Internationalization, Sustainability and Inclusion.
It was born as a recovery of a former disused industrial area, starting from its history and the territory, to create a new meeting place that focuses on the well-being of people and the stimulation of the five senses.

It is a one-of-a-kind Square of Excellence, which aims to be a hub where Slow & Green Tourism activities merge with Food, Events, Art & Design and Technological Innovation.
A way to share the authenticity of the area and offer a unique experience of visiting Veneto.

In fact, thanks to its strategic position, Opendream allows an easy access point to various itineraries to discover the Veneto area: overlooking the Treviso-Ostiglia cycle path, Opendream intersects the St. Anthony’s Way of Padua, the Munich-Venice cycle path and it allows a quick connection with the Greenway del Sile cycle path, representing in fact a privileged gateway to the Region, strategically connected to the other axes of road, rail and airport transport of Treviso Canova Airport.


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